The reasons why we are different

Punctuation is not just the tool with which we appropriately write our writings.

We are a group of professional lawyers, some with decades of activity, others of younger age but talented, all arrived with their experience at this “point/period“.

All together, we carry on our professional activity with Efficiency, Clarity, Competence, Teamworkin, – these are our “commas“.

It is a point of certainty the solution of high competence that we give to the issues of customers and assistants who choose to use our service.

It is a comma, our dynamism in making the services we offer, adapting the best technical solution to the concrete needs of the customer.

The semicolon (period / comma) , precisely;



This word, in its etymological origin (from the Latin word ex facere), evokes the action of "putting into effect", making something effective. In the same way, by this word, we would like to express our ability to immediately respond to the assistance requests made to us by those who are, or will become, our customers: giving, as quick as possible, the answers, identifying strategies and remedies and implementing them.



Law is a science that uses words and concepts intended for a restricted category of people, the so-called legal practitioners. Our clarity lies in the belief that clients needs to be informed about their rights, their protection and the solution to their problems. Likewise, we consider it essential to express our opinions, acts and communications with the utmost clarity, both in our dealings with clients, colleagues and counterparts, judges and public authorities, experts and technical consultants.



Having a perfect knowledge on the subject they deal with is a basic requisite for professionals. This is an implicit requisite, that wouldn’t even need to be mentioned. However, in a constantly and rapidly changing world, an attorney's competence is always measured. In addition to a solid knowledge on all legal subjects, an attorney must always update and adapt to legal and regulatory innovations and identify new strategies and ways to meet the needs of clients and the protection of their rights.


Team working

The words themselves say that synergy is involved with clients, for the best understanding of the problems and needs to be met; with colleagues in the firm, for any better comparison and updating of experiences. Always to offer maximum coordination in the realization of the services and to ensure the certainty of achieving the best possible result.


It is the area that concerns professional activity and services provided in favor of collective entities, companies, associations, commercial companies, which find assistance in all their needs, from their establishment to their activity, including all contracts and legal relationships necessary for the realization of their corporate purpose and goals, until their termination.


This area covers private relationships. For them too, assistance extends to the very subjectivity of individuals and family relationships, their activities, legal relationships, both contractual and factual, to inheritance relationships.

Real Estate

It is the area of activity that concerns Real Estate, to which the Legal System reserves specific disciplines of particular diffusion and application.

Credit Recovery

It is the area of activity that has had the greatest expansion in the recent years not only from an administrative and credit recovery point of view but also with regard to the market for the disposal of the credits, which is particularly important in the area of credits of financial institutions.